Scheme Actuary services

The Scheme Actuary gives trustees vital support

The Scheme Actuary helps make sure that defined benefit schemes are appropriately funded.

Being the trustee of a pension scheme means facing complex issues and personal liability. It can be hard to keep on top of the risks and rapid changes involved. And the level of specialist knowledge they’re expected to demonstrate can be overwhelming.

We believe trustees need all the help and protection they can get.

How can First Actuarial help?

Our Scheme Actuaries put themselves in the shoes of the trustees they work with. The practical advice they offer strikes a balance between minimising the risks that trustees take and finding pragmatic solutions to the problems they face:

  • We provide high quality Scheme Actuary services to trustees at a reasonable price.
  • We use our experience to offer pragmatic solutions, while minimising trustee risks.
  • Our Scheme Actuaries know how to simplify complex detail to the right level so trustees can make informed decisions.
  • We produce our calculations quickly and accurately, and make sure you get the right information at the right time.

Why choose First Actuarial?

We are highly skilled at explaining our calculations and the options available in the most effective ways.

We have developed innovative software tools to support our Scheme Actuary work:

  • Valuation Viewer helps trustees understand the potential impact of each assumption on actuarial calculations. That way they can focus on the assumptions that matter, and make informed decisions.
  • firstview keeps trustees up to date with changes to the funding of their scheme, so there are no unwelcome surprises at valuation time.

Our Scheme Actuaries are not afraid to challenge conventional approaches, where they think it right and judge it to be in the client’s best interest. They take full account of legislation, and their in-depth industry knowledge means that they understand the Pensions Regulator’s requirements.

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When we chose First Actuarial to be our actuaries and pensions advisers, we were looking for an expert personal service and for people who would work with us, enabling us to understand our pensions issues and to carry out as much of the administration as possible whilst providing guidance and expertise and a fall-back in case of staff changes. This is exactly what we have got. We receive clear advice on the things we need to know, quick responses on administrative support, and a flexible approach which enables us to understand what drives the actuarial figures and what we can or can’t do about them.

- James Archer, Finance Director

First Actuarial case studies

The Kennel Club

Concerned about the risk of an Employer contribution increase as a result of high liabilities, Trustees of the Kennel Club Pension Fund turned to First Actuarial.

“They’re extremely professional and helpful. Their input always seems sound, logical and well presented. First Actuarial handled the transition well, they provide us with helpful guidance, and have delivered what they promised when they pitched for the work.”


Royal Mail

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) enlisted the help of First Actuarial when Royal Mail proposed replacing its Defined Benefit pension fund with individual Defined Contribution arrangements.

“I can’t speak highly enough about First Actuarial – their people have been brilliant. The journey has been inspirational, nothing but a positive experience.”



As a result of an unusual clause in their trust deeds, Trustees of the pension scheme sponsored by the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) funded their liabilities on a buy-out basis.

“First Actuarial are very proactive. They respond quickly and get things done. They have proved to be competent and conscientious, and have a very professional and personable approach to business relations.”

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