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                sites, First Actuarial consultants worked tirelessly from early morning until late at night. And we added extra sessions as we went along, based on feedback.”
Supporting information
The two companies co-produced a set of documents for people to digest at their own pace. “We also set up
an email account, and First Actuarial provided a modelling tool to help
people plan their retirement income,” says Helena.
One-to-one sessions
For those 250 colleagues facing the closure of their pension scheme, the programme provided support through the statutory consultation process. “The First Actuarial team gave each of them a 45-minute one-to-one session, and did the same for people who
had difficulties accessing the written materials provided,” says Helena.
Drop-in days
To give everyone the opportunity
to raise issues not covered in the presentations, First Actuarial ran a number of drop-in days. “People could pop in and ask questions on a one-to-one basis or simply get further information,” says Helena.
 The outcome
A successful and timely communications exercise
First Actuarial worked closely
with Bromford to deliver the entire communication programme in eight weeks, well ahead of the pension changes.
A more efficient transition to the new pension offer
The clear information provided helped Bromford introduce the pension changes efficiently. “We achieved our objective of moving people into their choice of Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution scheme with a range of contribution levels, rather than a one- size-fits-all approach,” says Helena.
Positive feedback from Bromford colleagues
Colleagues found the group presentations very valuable – the average rating was 8.8 out of 10 – and informal feedback from the one-to-one sessions was extremely positive.
“They were enthusiastic about the pension arrangements we’d put in place, and even people whose scheme was closing appreciated the Defined Benefit option,” says Helena. “They understood the reasoning behind
the changes, because it had been communicated clearly to them.”
A positive impact on financial wellbeing
Although the communications exercise focused on pensions, the presentations
raised broader issues such as life insurance. “From a financial wellbeing point of view it had an impact on the entire business,” says Helena.
Strong engagement from trade unions
Bromford and First Actuarial invited trade unions to attend the sessions, and shared programme materials with them. One union said it was one of the best organised pension closures they’d seen.
Positive feedback from Bromford senior management
The communication exercise was wholly successful from a senior management perspective. “They could hardly believe how positive the exercise felt, when the changes were so challenging,” says Helena. “I look back on that time as something that we dealt with really well.”
Working with First Actuarial was a highly professional partnership that had
a positive effect on
our colleagues.
We received great feedback on both the group and one-to-one sessions they ran.
Helena Moore, Director of People Experience, Bromford
 Feedback from colleagues included:
“I really valued the session, and think we’re fortunate to work for a company that offers this kind of support.”
“The session was really good – it was pitched just about right for such a complex subject. It was also helpful to have a conversation afterwards.”
“I’ve gone from having very little understanding to absolutely getting the changes and my choices going forward.”
   A productive partnership
– past, present and future
Helena and her colleagues see First Actuarial as a business partner.
“The people we met at the competitive tender stage are the same ones who
delivered the sessions,” says Helena. “That continuity really adds value, and we’re working with them on an ongoing basis.”
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