FTSE 100 Case Study
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                    From websites and webinars to one-to-one discussions, First Actuarial’s financial wellbeing programme meets the needs of all employees and receives rave reviews at a leading fast moving consumer goods business.
Staff feedback
I wanted to express
my thanks after our conversation on Tuesday. The points you made and the follow-up information will prove invaluable to me.
I attended the webinar in April, and it was brilliant. The information provided was interesting and given in an easy, understandable format.
I really enjoyed the open and frank discussions.
It was a great opportunity to explore the implications of some very big
life decisions.
Case Study
 FTSE 100 company transforms financial wellbeing in the workplace with First Actuarial
programme for a FTSE 100 company
The An ongoing financial wellbeing
When this global fast-moving consumer goods company introduced pension scheme changes in 2012, they experienced at first hand how staff engagement can alleviate workplace tensions.
First Actuarial put together a team of 50 at short notice to explain the changes in 100 site presentations and around 3,000 one-to-one sessions. On the back of this success, the company started planning
a financial wellbeing programme for its workforce.
“What we were looking to do was
quite new,” says the Benefits Manager, “and after reviewing the market,
we saw that First Actuarial’s approach to financial wellbeing was ahead of the game. We liked their style – they were the kind of company who could work in partnership with us to develop the programme.”
 The Meeting the financial wellbeing solution needs of all staff
 First Actuarial set to work on a series of workshops and one-to-one sessions covering finance topics of broad relevance to employees. “We started with Making the most of your money,” says Peter Shellswell, Director of
First Actuarial’s Financial Wellbeing service, “and we received staff feedback saying how helpful and enjoyable it was.”
With the programme established, the company was keen to engage as many employees as possible.
“We thought about their lives, and the real challenges they faced at certain points in their lives, such as student loans,” says Peter. So First Actuarial
started to balance general topics with a more targeted approach – introducing topics like buying a house or managing debt, which might not interest everyone, but could be a lifeline to some.
First Actuarial also helped deliver
the programme flexibly to suit all workplaces – from offices to factories and research labs. They introduced webinars, for example, and made the recordings available on demand.
“It was clear at the beginning that people wanted face-to-face contact,” says the Benefits Manager, “but over time we’ve added other formats, such as webchats and online services. First Actuarial have been very adaptable.”

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