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                What does the financial wellbeing programme deliver?
The programme addresses the needs of every employee on every site, with:
General financial wellbeing – annual workshops
On-site workshops cover general topics such as Saving enough to stop work. They were successful from the outset, and continue to get plenty of positive feedback.
Financial wellbeing website
First Actuarial runs a website that gives staff a central hub to access information and make bookings.
New joiners – monthly webinars
In response to staff feedback, First Actuarial runs regular webinars for new joiners. The company is building these into its staff induction process.
Planning for retirement – webinars
These webinars are extremely popular with staff over the age of 55 who
can discuss options, such as giving up pensions for tax-free cash, with a
specialist. “This is a great example of a targeted service and the feedback has been stunning,” says the Benefits Manager.
Post-webinar confidential sessions – webchat
Following all webinars, First Actuarial runs one-to-one webchat sessions, where people can discuss issues that affect them personally. First Actuarial makes a team of specialists available for the 20-30% of webinar attendees who opt for this service.
Approaching retirement – one-to-one support
For people about to retire, these one- to-one sessions provide guidance through the pension choices they have to make. “Again, staff have found these incredibly helpful,” says the Benefits Manager, “and we can deliver them over the phone as well as face-to-face.”
 The An empowering programme outcome that improves staff morale
First Actuarial staff are all very bright, conscientious and prepared to go that extra mile. When we first appointed them, they had nearly half of their organisation working for us, happy to drive around the country running group presentations and one-to- ones. Neither the team nor the firm wanted to let us down. That attitude comes across in everything they do for us, and we don’t always see that from some of the bigger consultancies
we use.
The programme is genuinely empowering – encouraging staff to take responsibility for themselves, and giving them the tools to do so. The Human Resources function recognises the role that First Actuarial plays in improving
staff morale, and has included
the programme in its overall wellbeing programme.
“First Actuarial staff have a real passion about financial wellbeing,” concludes the Benefits Manager. “They make a real difference to people’s lives by helping them manage their finances properly. And that comes through in their energy and commitment to everything they do.”
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Registered address: First Actuarial LLP, Mayesbrook House, Lawnswood Business Park, Leeds, LS16 6QY.

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